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Soil Development

Our soil mix development began in 2005 with a quest for a better soil-less mix to be used in our own greenhouses. We were not satisfied with what was on the market. Our mixes are made from non-mined products (except for some nutrient charges). The source materials are from the agricultural waste stream, yielding the most sustainable mixes available. A high quality product that reduces the waste stream. Our high drainage mixes grow plants without dampening off issues and with reduced water labor. We realized these soils would benefit farmers and growers and began offering them for sale. We manufacture these potting soils with the environment and success of the grower in mind.

We put 30 years of growing experience in every bag!

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Soil Mixing

We mix proprietary blends of soil-less mixes for seed starting, potting, raised beds, etc.

Loading for Delivery

We can palletize products for flatbed or tractor trailer delivery.