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Our Soil Products

Summer Creek Farm is a USDA Certified Organic Farm.
Our soil-less mixes are sustainable, high quality, unique and produce great results. The base soils use no mined materials. We even have enriched formulas that have no mined materials. We offer nutrients and supplies for other small farmers at the farm. 

See our FAQ page for details on our products and ingredients.

Seed Starter Mix

Seed starter mix with compost and high drainage characteristics. Used on our farm to grow thousands of plants every spring. 100% Organic, approved for Organic Production Systems by multiple certifiers. It is a coir based, peat free mix with compost and an approved nutrient charge that supplies the plant for the first four - six weeks of growing. Our mix generates higher germination rates and requires less watering. Typically, plants can be watered 1/2 as much as in peat based soils.  Place soil in seed trays, dimple with finger, place in seed, cover with a small amount of mix, thoroughly water. Water again when just below the surface appears dry. It is best if used in deep seed trays. Typically, transplant seedlings to a larger pot in 4-6 weeks.

Raised Bed / Container Mix

Multi-Mix 2+ is a versatile product that is 100% organic and made from sustainable ingredients. Like all Summer Creek Farm products, MM2+ is a combination of compost (from an organic mushroom house), forest products, coir fiber, and PBH (Rice Hullls). All boosted with a nutrient charge from an organic layer house. This product grows! Available in 2 cubic foot bags. Discounts for volume purchases. Healthy crops, healthy food all come from healthy soils. We know the source of all our ingredients! pH averages around 7.

Great for:

  • Raised Beds - either for the entire bed or a mix

  • Outdoor Containers

  • Lasagna Gardening

  • Top mix in a garden bed

  • Soil Conditioning agent with high organic matter.

With the organic matter in this product you will have great moisture retention, drainage from the PBH and build up your carbon reserve to feed the microbes you want in your soil!


McGeary Organics 5-3-4 Soil Nutrients slow release (5% Nitrogen, 3% Phosphate, 4% Potash) . Does not contain manure. Best if incorporated in soil instead of sprinkled on top. Side dress at drip line.

Custom Blends

Don't see what you're looking for? We custom blend based on grower's needs. Call or contact to inquire.