Summer Creek Farm also manufactures several items for use in your home gardens.
We manufacture Rain Barrels for water collection, both the one shown below as well as
larger custom  rain collection systems.
Products from Summer Creek Farm
Grower Supplies
* See our Fertilizer & Supplies tab for information on our soil products
including COIR, Rice Hulls, Potting Soil, Minerals & Fertilizer.
* Mushroom Soil Compost from a certified organic mushroom house.

Pro Hoe - Best hoes made. USA Made from Recycled Ag Steel, quality
makes the difference!

* AMLeo hand tools, lifetime warranty!

* Now contracting Organic Pullets for delivery.

* Landscape Rocks - Natural field rocks for landscaping and accent to
your garden or yard. All removed locally from our fields, sizes and shapes
vary. X-Large Rocks by the piece. Mixed Med-Large in 1/2 cu.yd. crate .
Call for pricing.
Note: 1/2 cu yd of stone will
weigh over 1500 lb requiring a
3/4 ton truck or larger, or a
properly rated trailer to haul.