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2015 CSA Options from Summer Creek Farm
CSA stands for community supported agriculture. Your subscription to this program helps
support agriculture in your community. The percentage of your grocery bill you spend on this
program stays in this community. By keeping agriculture profitable and viable land stays in farms
instead of being densely developed. The quality of life and our environment is preserved.
Additionally, CSA sales help us hire college students for the summer, providing a practical
education and spending money for them. Local dollars are kept in the community. We are proud
to offer several quality CSA programs. Local Food, Local Jobs, Local Economy is what the CSA
isall about.

Summer Creek has the following CSA options for the coming 2015 season. You now have a choice of
three locations on two different days.
 TUE - Summer Creek Farm (3:30pm-till)
Tuesday-Urbana, Md. (4:30pm-6:30pm),  West Frederick Farmers Market(
-Frederick, Md. (10:30-1:00pm ,
very limited space)).

To get an idea what a CSA is about click here for FAQ about CSA's

Click here for our CSA Sign Up Form.

ISA - Investment Supported Agriculture.
     ISA allows you to purchase a certificate with bonus points to use at o
farmers market stand to select the produce you want. Their are no restrictions
the use of your account except that it must be used before September 7th of
season it was purchased. The earlier you purchase your certificate the more
bouns points you wull receive.

Click here for ISA sign up form.

Please add farmer@summercreekfarm.com to your address book when you sign
up so our email updates do not get filtered by your spam filter.

Click here for a chart that will give a general idea of what crops we have available during the

Subscriptions are limited so don't delay! Thanks for you interest.
Please make sure your contact information is clearly written, especially your email since this
is how most communications will take place.

Thanks again for your support in local food, the local economy and local job creation.